MEMEBOX Christmas Collection #2 My Holiday Glam

Hi Ladies! Time for another unboxing of Memebox Christmas Collection Holiday Glam. Lets get started!

Tis the season for gorgeous! Sparkle just as brightly as the holiday lights with festive K-Beauty glam! Whether you prefer subtle shine or want to rock full-blown fab, there’s a gorgeous holiday party look waiting for you in this box! With this festive K-Beauty holiday makeup essentials most luxurious collection–perfect to give, love, or hoard for yourself!

Oh Memebox you just want to make me leap in joy every time I open you, don’t disappoint me okay!?




First item I got on the box is Peripera Wholly Deep Jewel Pot #6 Burgundy 3g ($29)

Product Description:
Glam up your eyes with multi-angle jewel glitters that contain real diamond and amethyst powders for extra radiant, sparkling holiday season! Fool-proof pearl eye pigments last all day and all night! Channel your inner Beauty Queen in no time!

How to Use:
Take out an adequate amount on lids and use your fingers to apply it onto your eyelids. Don not throw away the inner lid as it’s needed to keep the formula moist and intact.

My Review:
I’am always into Peripera products so when I saw this in the box I was really happy and for such a small eye pot it really cost a lot! But quality based, this is really good, when I swatched it on my hands the color is really pigmented and the shimmers stay on and doesn’t fall off.


An upclose of the product


Pigment and the color is really good.


Repurchase? Yes, would try other shades 🙂

Second item I got is Deoproce White Flower BB cream SPF35 PA+++ 30g Randomly selected from #21 and #23 ($12)

Product Description:
Enriched with a blend of lotus, lily, and peony extracts, Deoproce’s White Flower BB cream combines the moisturizing and protective powers of skincare product with the complexion perfecting and tone balancing properties of a foundation. Its featherweight texture smoothly coats over skin with long lasting adherence, leaving the skin velvety soft and glowing with youthful radiance.

How to Use:
Apply evenly over clean face. Pat it onto skin for optimal adherence.

My Review:
The packaging is really cute and it smells like soap and flowers, consistency is runny and the coverage is medium, so if you have dark spots or would prefer a heavier coverage then this is not good for you. The shade that I got is #23 which is really dark for me but my mom would surely love this so I’m giving this to her.




Consistency is runny and coverage is medium, although the coverage is not thick it feels heavy on the face and really sticky so I have to set a good coverage of my skinfood loose powder to avoid the stickiness.



Repurchase? Maybe but I’ll be going for shade #21, this shade is too dark for me 😦

Third item I got is Vivito Painting Jelly Tint RD02 Squeeze Cherry 5.5g ($29)

Product Description:
A moisturizing jelly-type tint with a water gel formula enriched with pomegranate, mulberry, fig, and Vitamin E. It smoothly melts onto dry, colorless lips for instant hydration, rejuvenation, and long-lasting color radiance.

How to Use:
Apply 2 to 3 drops on the center of the lips and blend it outwards for natural gradation or layer it on multiple times to create the full lip look.

My Review:

I’ve heard lots of positive feedbacks about Vivito so my hopes are really high and I started using it yesterday, the shade says I got Squeeze Cherry which is on the red shade part but when applied on the lips the tint goes from red to pinkish red, but I have nothing against that. The tint stays long and it’s not drying to the lips nor is it moisturizing. The scent is okay and pretty much everything about this is good.




As you can see the swatch on my skin is a bright red. Consistency is jelly like.


After using cleansing wipes there’s still a faint tint of red left so the staying power is really good, especially with the price of this product from vivito.


Repurchase? Maybe. I need to use something for quite sometime for me to get used to it and to love it.

Fourth item I got is Cool Enough Studio The Mirror ($15)

Product Description:
Still bringing around a big fat mirror? Cool enough studio presents ‘The Mirror’–The thinnest, most stylishly designed mirror for ladies to carry it around with them to glamorous holiday and year end parties in their pretty purses.

How to use:
Pop it into your pouch and purse and use it for make-up touch-ups or check-ups throughout day and night.

When I first saw this on the box I was thinking skincare or a serum and at the same time I was curious that it was too hard to be a box of a serum or skincare so I was really delighted at unraveling what was inside.


The wrap is really classy and simple


Each of the sides does not have different magnification but aside from the typical big and flat mirror it’s really creatively made and can fit even in the smallest of my pouch. However its disadvantage is that it could also be bulky for a mirror in my bag rather than my flat mirror. Other than that quality, design, and simpleness of the product is really good and well presented.


Repurchase? hmmm.

Fifth item on the box is Dearberry Rockcat Girl Waterproof Pencil liner purple 7g ($5)

Product Description:
Dearberry Rockcat Girl Eyeliner provides budge-resistant radiance in sophisticated deep purple with an easy glide, creamy texture. Definitely a must have for a refined, chic holiday makeup fit for any occasion.

How to Use:
Apply steadily along the lash line and fill in between the lashes thoroughly for more defined look.

My Review:
When it comes to make-up I’m a number one hoarder of gel eyeliners and pen liners so I was really happy when I got this, it glides on smoothly along my eyes, it’s very creamy and has the right amount of shimmers in it. It also has a lasting power and is smudge-proof.



An up close of the product ❤


Swatch of Dearberry Rockcat Girl Eyeliner


Last item on the box is Eclipse Poppy Red and Fresh Green 15ml x 2ea ($7)

Product Description:
Go festive with Eclipse’ holiday red and green nail colors–vibrant and long lasting in radiance and easy to apply and quick to try in formula!

How to Use:
Apply base coat then apply double coats of a color one after another. Finish off with a top coat for lasting power.

My Review:
I’m all smiles when I saw this, I’ve been wanting to get my hands on a nail polish, the scent of the nail polish is okay, I’ve only tried the fresh green and I already love the color on my nails. I’m sure it’ll be the same for the red one.



Repurchase? Yes! 🙂

Overall review with the box, I love most of the items in the box, my only negative would be deoproce’s shade that’s too dark for me, aside from that everything in this box is awesomeness! Till next time ladies! wink 🙂


MEMEBOX Superbox #73 F/W Natural Makeup

Hi there ladies! Today I’ll be reviewing Memebox F/W Natural Makeup, the box arrived yesterday along with another Memebox I have purchased. So after a long day of dull work both of the boxes from Memebox really cheered me up, although it makes me feel sad that two weeks ago memebox announced that they won’t be shipping worldwide anymore 😦

So anyway here’s the box! ❤

I'm always having jitters opening up boxes!




Box of goodies, I can’t wait to get my hands on these!


First off I’ll be reviewing LadyKin Close Up Decuple Shimmering Primer 30ml ($12)

Product Description:
This Shimmering Primer is colorless and can be used by all skin colors to prep and smoothen uneven skin texture before applying base makeup. It leaves skin feeling supple yet soft and non-oily, with a sheer hint of shimmering pearls.

How to Use:
Apply evenly over clean face before BB or foundation application.

My Review:
On my first impressions the packaging was really cutesy and even the color and to be honest this is on my top list which is I’am very excited to use for work, so I started using it this morning and everything was okay but upon arriving at work, take note ARRIVING my Missha Signature BB cream started wearing off my face upon dabbing an oil absorbing sheet, so basically my nose looked like a dalmatian and it’s the first time I encountered something like this, and the worst thing is when I get sweaty on my forehead and wipe it off with a tissue almost all of the bb cream was removed and I’am so terrified as I’am working on a bank and we are not allowed with no makeup on and WORST thing is customers would look at my face with a big O in their mouth. Sorry this is so much rambling because I have never felt so much hatred for a primer before!!


Anyway I’ll still continue my review on this. urgh!

The tip of the product


Consistency is runny and coverage is very sheer with lots of small pearl shimmers in it. Has an “old lady scent”.


Repurchase Again? Definitely NO.

Second item on the box is Leporem Perfect Whitening Blemish Balm 35ml ($23)

Product Description:
A bb cream offering strong UVA & UVB protection, effective sebum control and wrinkle care all in one. It fills in fine lines and wrinkles for a satiny smooth skin texture and brightens darkened, dull complexion for a healthier glow.

How to Use:
Apply evenly over clean face. Pat it onto skin for lasting adherence.

My Review:
I haven’t started using it yet but when it comes to the scent it has the same smell as Skin79 Snail BB Cream, it has a super grayish tone to it but oxidizes after some time on the back of my hands. I have mixed feelings about this bb cream as it appears to be a bit dark for me but I’ll give you a separate review of it after a week’s use.



Texture is semi-thick



Will Repurchase? Maybe

Third item in the box is Ddung Lipstick 3.5g ($24) –>Randomly selected from DL08 Peach Orange, DL10 Pure Peach, and DL11 Elegance Beige

Product Description:
This moisturizing lipstick comes in 3 sheer, toned down coral and pink hues perfect for F/W season. It adheres tightly onto lips with lasting suppleness and radiance while offering a satiny, long wear finish.

How to Use:
Follow the natural contours of your lips and evenly fill in the upper and lower lips.
Use your finger or a lip brush to blend it in naturally.

My Review:
The shade that I got is Peach Orange, I wish I could have gotten Pure Peach since I already have several nude beige shades. The packaging is really cute but the name is a bit awkward and is in contrast with the cute package.



Up-close shot of Ddung Lipstick Peach Orange


The texture is semi glossy and the shade appears to be a bright orangey shade, so not natural looking! The smell is that of an ordinary “granny” lipstick, I started using this today and good thing about it is that it did not irritate my lips nor felt itchy to the lips.


Repurchase Again? Too pricey. I’m okay with expensive lippies as long as it’s my holy grail but I’m not sure with this one.

Fourth item is DD’ell Say Forever Gel Eye Pencil 04 Espresso 1.2g ($14)

Product Description:
A creamy gel pencil liner that glides smoothly on and stay put for the entire day without smudging or fading. The gentle formula is suitable for sensitive eye areas and easily comes off with warm water. Free of alcohol, talc, oxybenzone, formaldehyde, salicylic acid, benzophenone, mineral oil, triclosan, etc.

How to Use:
Prime eyelids with an eye primer or a powder and draw a line along the waterline in your desired shape and thickness.

My Review:
The name of this gel liner is kind of awkward again same as ddung, but anyway I love the color and the long lasting effect it had on my eyes the entire day. Product is smudge-proof and even with my makeup remover is a bit hard to remove from the eyes and that’s what I started to like about this gel liner from DD’ell.



This is the swatch of the gel liner on the back of my hands. It glides easily upon applying and even makeup beginners won’t be having a hard time with this.


Repurchase? Definitely! I’ll be trying another shade next time.

Fifth item on my Memebox is Mustaev Color Powder Starlight Opal 2.5g ($22)

Product Description:
A multi-purpose pearl powder that comes in a sheer warm silver. This color powder from Mustaev can be used alone as an eye shadow or mixed with loose powder, lip gloss, or cream to add gleaming sophistication to an everyday natural.

How to Use:
Use shadow brush to apply over eyelids. Mix with loose powder and use a wider powder brush to highlight the T-zone. Mix with lip gloss and use smaller lip brush to add more volume and shimmers to lips. Mix with cream base and apply along the collarbones.

My Review:
I like everything about the product especially shimmery things may it be makeup, accessories, or anything. However when mixing it with my eyeshadow most of the glitters fall off and it does not adhere well so it is good to mix it with gel type products or lipgloss so that the glitters will stick well.



Next thing I noticed upon opening is the container. It’s too easy to spill since it does not have a translucent cap above the powder.


this is the swatch on my hands. It’s very shimmery and the color is really good. Even without a primer it’s very pigmented.


Repurchase? Maybe.

The last item on my Memebox is Tonymoly Delight Circle Lens Mascara 03 Clear Circle 8.5g ($4)

Product Description:
Ever heard of a clear coat mascara with a translucent formula that adds volume and shine to your lashes without the black coat? Tonymoly delight circle lens mascara in clear circle can be worn alone or over average mascaras for extra volume and lasting power. It’d be the perfect item for when you wish to set up your sagging lashes and create that no makeup look without over defining the eyes.

How to Use:
Curl lashes. brush upwards in a zig-zag motion from the root. Apply double coat for extra volume.

My Review:
We are all very familiar with the brand tonymoly and I also love some of their best sellers. When it comes to this mascara what I feel lukewarm, half of what I feel is that I like it and half is I don’t. What I like about it is that it goes with the theme “Natural makeup look”, it adds a BIT of volume to the lashes but doesn’t make my lashes any longer than what I have. It has the typical mascara smell and has minimal effect on the lashes. It would be good to just use this as a base for another mascara.


Sorry about the not so clear shot.


Repurchase? Nope.

Overall I love the box, I don’t have any hard feelings towards it, the value of the box is well spent and I like most of the products inside. I hope memebox will start to ship worldwide again, it’s only been weeks but I miss their boxes already! Anyway that’s all. Feel free to comment.

Skinfood Choco Eyebrow Powder Cake #2 Grey Brown

Hi there! Today I’ll be reviewing Skinfood Choco Eyebrow Powder Cake #2 Grey Brown

So this is the packaging of the product. It’s not that “cutesy” but I like the simple look, what’s important is what is inside.


There you go. I thought it was really darker in brown and grey but when applied they turn out to be lighter and I absolutely love the smell! I can’t find the words to describe the smell but it’s wonderful. The packaging inside for me is not okay since the metal part of the shades are coming out and it looks kind of cheap that way.


Here’s the swatch on the back of my hands.


It has a very natural color to the brows and my overall rating for this is 9/10.

Holika Holika Jewel Light Waterproof Eyeliner

Hi Ladies! I’m back again and I’ll be reviewing one of Holika Holika’s Best-selling item which is the Jewel Light Waterproof Eyeliner. When I first learned this from my friends I said I just have to try it!

Holika Holika Jewel Light Waterproof Eyeliner



So I bought 09 18K Gold and 08 Pink Topaz as I want to try these shades since most of my under eyeliners are white and most that I have used is from Etude House so it will probably be for a change.


Here’s the swatch on the back of my hands


It’s super glittery and I really love it 🙂 It makes my eyes look like a fairy and it’s above my expectations. My favorite between the two is 18K Gold, you must absolutely try it!

On the downside it’s not smudge-proof neither waterproof at all, one swipe in the back of my hands and here’s the result


There’s totally no line left and all I can see are the mixed gold and pink shimmers at the back of my hand, even though there’s a lot of shimmers it did not irritated my eyes at all, well it’s not that bad just don’t shed your tears if you don’t want it to go down along your cheeks.

Overall I did like this product of Holika Holika and currently I’m already halfway through the gold. It’s great for creating that tear line effect and it’s also hypo allergenic. Just NOT WATERPROOF so Holika Holika please don’t name it something it’s not.


Hi ladies! Today I’ll be reviewing my first ever Memebox, it’s not my first time ordering from Memebox as I have purchased their Pony editions and eyeshadows, but it’s my first time getting
myself a mystery memebox, I’m having two thoughts on this as everyone pretty much my friends gets disappointed on every memebox they have received. Well anyway off to my First ever memebox unboxing!


The box is super cute! The box came in very light so I’m a bit anxious on what’s inside. What could be so light!? crossed-fingers!



So here’s a sneak peak of the box’s content. As from what I can see it’s mostly makeup and I like that since I’m a make-up hoarder rather that a skincare hoarder. I’ll be showing you what’s the content of the box 🙂

First up is Revecen Volumizing Mascara 7ml ($26)

Product Description:
Double the volume of your lashes with Revecen Volumizing Mascara. It’s completely waterproof,
smudge-proof, paraben free, and made from naturally derived vegetable wax, vitamin, allantoin, collagen, and vegetable squalene.

How to use:
Apply from the inner lash line, brushing upwards.


Here’s another up close of the mascara


Pardon me for the “not so up close shot”, you can just click on the image to get a more closer look. I haven’t tried the mascara yet as I still have my laneige mascara but I have heard lots of good feed backs about the Revecen brand so I’m excited to try this out!

Second item in the box is Shara Shara Petite friend Matte Lip Crayon 3g($11)
The shade that I got is PK01 Pure Pink. Ohhh nooo.I want the Neon pink shade!

Product Description:
This auto type lip crayon glides smoothly onto lips, leaving a highly moist and supple yet soft and silky finish. The color ranges from natural nudy pink to hot, savvy shades for featuring a signature makeup look.


Time to look at the shade closely so here’s a close-up of Shara Shara Matte Lip Crayon


And here’s the swatch of the Lip crayon. I don’t even think it’s matte at all! It’s glossy and has no pigmentation at all, in short it’s plainly a lip gloss. Anyway I’m already doubting this even before opening it so it’s no shock for me. I’m giving this to my little cousin, she’s in high school and this would be a good starter for her. To sum it up I’m plainly disappointed with this Lip crayon, maybe the neon pink would have more color to it than this.


So there, you can almost see nothing.

Third item in the box is ideeB Real Triple Rouge 02 Shine Pink 3g ($17)

Product Description:
Plump up dry, chapped lips with the all in one Real Triple Rouge that combines the functions of a lipstick, a lip tint, and a lip gloss in one item. It adheres tightly onto lips without dehydrating and creates a shiny suppleness and a long lasting radiance.

How to Use:
Apply directly to lips. Duh!


I find the packaging classy and cute, and at first I thought this would be an ordinary lip gloss and lip tint type just like my body shop lip gloss and lip tint all in one but apparently after my first day of use I instantly fell in love with this, it doesn’t come off that easy, and even after eating there’s still that faint color left on my lips, it also gives my lips a plumpy look. I wouldn’t agree much on the price that it’s $17 given that it’s only $5 on gmarket. The name is kinda weird to pronounce but aside from that both packaging and the product is great! It’s going in my pouch for good!

Here’s a swatch of it in the back of my hands


Pigmentation is really good. Here’s how it’s supposed to look on the lips


Shine pink 02 is even more intense in the shade of pink rather that what is shown in the picture, but anyway with the right application it’s amazing!

Fourth item is Shara Shara Triple Shine Color Shadow 2g ($15). It comes with four shades which is Pink Violet, Yellow Brown, Cobalt Blue, White Pink. What I got is White Pink.

Product Description:
A baked type, silky-textured shadow palette offering 3 shades of color that helps create naturally blended eye make-up. For instance, for the 04 White Pink contains a white base color, a lighter pink for gradation, and a darker pink for point make-up. The shadow is also infused with fine pearls that adheres well for a long lasting, silky finish.

How to Use:
Apply the base color all over lids and along water line. Apply the middle shade over lids as well and blend it in. Lastly, take the darkest shade and apply it near the lash line to give more depth.

Hmm. I wouldn’t apply the darkest shade in White pink in my lash line as it’s not even that dark of a pink when applied. It’s more of a cotton candy blush color and I prefer black or coffee brown for applying lash line.


At first I was in doubt of this item AGAIN. But then when I tried this on a swatch the color is great, I’m using it as a highlighter and an additional shine for my brown eyeshadow and it’s perfect. I love the shade that I got 🙂

Fifth item I got is Revecen Face Control Foundation #002 Violet 17g ($22)

Product Description:
This unique face control foundation works to cover up skin imperfections and control dull, yellow skin tone for a more refined, evenly balanced, and healthier looking finish with base makeup. Plus, it contains natural preservatives such as green tea extracts and magnolia extracts, and thus gentle and suitable for all skin types.

How to Use:
use a makeup sponge or your finger to apply the hard-type foundation evenly over your face. Make sure to pat in for full absorbency.


I have tried using this product and it’s okay, the coverage is very sheer and I would prefer to use this as a makeup base then apply missha signature bb cream afterwards. I would say that this product makes my face look even more pale which is “ghostly pale” and I would recommend this to people with redness in the face or to lessen redness of pimples.

Last item in the box would be Beauty People Miss 100 Auto Gel Pencil Liner 0.5g ($38)
Randomly selected from Glimmer Coral, Glimmer Bronze, Glam Brown.

Product Description:
Feature a sophisticated eye makeup with Beauty People’s gel liner pencils that come in 3 delicate pearl shades — coral, bronze, and brown, can be used both as an eyeshadow and eyeliner. They’re auto type liners that easily glides onto your eyelids, making them easy to use even for makeup beginners. Plus, there’s an eye liner sharpener attached on the other end for convenience.

How to Use:
Fill in between lashes when used as a liner, and when used as a shadow, draw onto your eyelids quickly and blend.


When I first saw this I said it’s looooong for a pencil liner! And really expensive for the amount of $38! I was not convinced with this item but as a makeup junkie I just have to try this out.

This is the swatch of the pencil liner:


I’m impressed with this pencil liner as it’s very waterproof and smudge-proof maybe that’s why it’s pretty expensive! Even after I’ve took a bath there’s still a noticeable trace of this pencil liner. It’s also very smooth and glides easily when applied to the lash line, and it gives out gold shimmers, I likey. By the way the shade that I got is Glam Brown 🙂

Overall, I’m happy with the first box I have received and I’m looking forward to buy more boxes from memebox and the excitement of waiting and receiving the box is unforgettable.
Till next time! 🙂

Skinfood Premium Avocado Rich Toner


Hi everyone! Today I’ll be reviewing Skinfood Avocado Rich Toner! It’s been so long since my last blog sorry for that 😦 Anyways lets move on!

Skinfood’s Avocado line promises a moisturized and glowing skin.


30% of Avocado fruit extract, Avocado Oil 1,500mg, Shea butter, Honey extract, Macadamia seed extract, Coconut extract, and Ceramide.

I searched for the ingredients from online websites as the label on the back of my toner is all in Korean, apparently I’am impressed with the ingredients and how useful they can be towards the skin, I’m just not sure the website I ran into had listed all the ingredients, I mean would that be all? A 100% organic toner? nah!

Well anyway it did not irritated my skin after a week of use and it’s quite good actually. Enough of the chit chat, here’s the product packaging


And consistency is kind of thick as what you can see below


What I don’t like about the toner is that it tends to get sticky on the face, that sticky feeling that when you lie down your pillow the case will stick to your face, oh God.. not to mention after toning I put on emulsion, serum, then moisturizer so yeah, my face gets really supeeer sticky.


Highly Moisturizing
Glowing Skin
Does not irritate my sensitive skin
Good smell


Well there’s only one thing I don’t like about toners and it’s that they tend to get super sticky on the face, but aside from that this toner is okay.

Until next time! xoxo princesses!!

Etude House Sweet Recipe Candy Stick (strawberry) Review

Today i started using etude house sweet recipe candy stick and i bought just 1 for a try in case i won’t like it.




and below is the color it should give off into the lips


Here’s how it looks like:






The look is so girly and baby-ish type even the candy cane it portrays.

It contains 5 plant extracts which are:

1. Bilberry – helps protect the skin. It has been found to contain resveratrol and quercetin, which are great anti-aging agents. It also has antioxidants to help protect skin against damage from free radicals.

2. Sugarcane – good for hydration and keeping lips moisturized.

3. Lemon

4. Orange – It closes your pore, gives an instant glow, prevents wrinkles, detoxifies skin, and acts as whitening due to it’s vitamin c. What more can you ask for?

5. Sweet Xylitol – for refreshing and cooling effect on lips.



i really love it on my lips plus it stayed on for about 4 to 5 hours even when i’am eating. The scent is just like strawberry and the taste does not come out bad. Overall I would rate this 5/5 and will I be repurchasing this again?YES! definitely. And I’ll also try the other two. I’m sure you’ll also be loving it ❤  xoxo.